宿舍工作人员接受了应对火灾和紧急情况的培训. 居民应该闻到烟味吗, hear or see fire immediately sound an alarm or otherwise alert authorities and vacate the building.

    一旦走出大楼, please restrain residents from re-entering unless approved by Fire Chief or 校园警察 and 安全


    每学期, every dormitory shall practice fire alarm drills at the beginning of each semester and randomly throughout the semester. Fire alarm drills are to be taken seriously and procedures followed as if it were an actual emergency. Residential Life Staff are trained at the beginning of the semester and the staff member on site will be responsible for following procedures.

    Each time a Fire Alarm is sounded in your building a Fire Alarm and Drill Report should be completed
    这份报告必须通过电子邮件发送给高级研发, 建筑物RD, 并在接到报警后24小时内通知宿舍生活处处长.

  •   龙卷风

    一旦大学官员接到龙卷风警报, the implementation of the Tornado Emergency Plan is the responsibility of all members of the University community. The 皇冠体育投注 校园警察 and 安全 Office Staff has the following additional roles and responsibilities.

    Obtaining information in the event the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning for the campus community
    Warning pedestrians of dangers while monitoring and reporting any indications of confirmed tornado


    如果校园地区发布了龙卷风警报, an alert will be broadcasted over the NOAA public alert radio and local TV and radio stations. 哈罗盖特市没有紧急警报.

    如果校园地区发布了龙卷风警报, 皇冠体育投注校园警察和安全办公室将通知大学社区. The University community will be notified via LiveSafe notification alert or other appropriate modality. The 皇冠体育投注 校园警察 and 安全 Office will make a special point to notify representatives at each high risk facility by contacting the designated person for high risk facilities. 所提供的资料应与警告的类型有关, 警告失效的时间, 还有其他方向吗.

    The 皇冠体育投注 校园警察 and 安全 Office will issue an all clear once the warning/watch has been lifted.



    远离大厅, 人行道, 中庭, 和其他大的玻璃区域, 以及有大跨度屋顶的开阔区域
    Remain at the sheltered area until given the all clear by 皇冠体育投注 校园警察 and 安全 Office
    At the beginning of each semester a designated evacuation location will be assigned to residential students

    远离大厅, 人行道, 中庭和其他大型玻璃区域, 以及有大跨度屋顶的开阔区域
    如果没有可用的庇护所, lie in a ditch or other earthen depression; and never attempt to outrun a tornado

    如果建筑物没有受到事故的影响, return to your previous location; and if your building was affected by the incident, 尝试安全离开大楼. If unable to do so, seek help by calling the 皇冠体育投注 校园警察 and 安全 Office at 423-869-6911. 如果没有电话的话, 试图通过制造噪音来引起外界人员的注意, 比如大喊大叫.

    皇冠体育投注 校园警察 and 安全 Office personnel will patrol campus following the incident to assist those affected and to dispatch additional emergency response teams if necessary.

  •   飓风——佛罗里达州坦帕


    Hurricanes are massive storm systems that form over warm ocean waters and move toward land. 飓风的潜在威胁包括强风, 强降雨, 风暴潮, 沿海及内陆洪水, 激流, 龙卷风, 和山体滑坡. 大西洋飓风季节从6月1日持续到11月30日. 太平洋飓风季节从5月15日持续到11月30日. 飓风:

    • 会发生在任何U上吗.S. 海岸或大西洋或太平洋的任何领土.
    • 能影响内陆100英里以上的地区吗.
    • 是九月最活跃的吗.


    • 确定如何最好地保护自己免受强风和洪水的伤害.
      • 如果被告知要撤离.
      • 在指定的风暴掩体中避难,或者在强风的interior躲避.
    • 倾听紧急信息和警报.
    • 只在户外和远离窗户的地方使用发电机.
    • 转身,别淹死! 不要在洪水中步行、游泳或开车.


    Storm surge is water from the ocean that is pushed toward the shore by the force of the winds swirling around a hurricane. 风暴潮的速度很快,可以产生极端的沿海和内陆洪水. 当飓风引起风暴潮时, over 20 feet of water can be produced and pushed towards the shore and several miles inland destroying property and endangering lives in its path.  


    • Storm surge is historically the leading cause of hurricane-related deaths in the United States.
    • 水的重量约为1,每立方码700磅, so battering waves from surge can easily demolish buildings and cause massive destruction along the coast.
    • Storm surge undermines roads and foundations when it erodes material out from underneath them.
    • 仅仅一英寸的水就能给你的房子造成25000美元的损失. 房主和租房者的保险通常不包括洪水造成的损失.


    • 了解你所在地区的飓风风险.
    • 报名参加 社区预警系统. The Emergency Alert System (EAS) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric 政府 (NOAA) Weather Radio also provide emergency alerts.
    • 如果你有洪水的危险,留意暴雨等警告信号.
    • Practice going to a safe shelter for high winds, such as a FEMA safe room or ICC 500风暴掩体. 其次最好的保护措施是小的, interior, windowless room in a sturdy building on the lowest level that is not subject to flooding.
    • 根据您的位置和社区规划, 制定自己的疏散或避难计划.
    • Become familiar with your evacuation zone, the evacuation route, and shelter locations.
    • 收集至少三天所需的物资. 记住每个人的具体需求,包括药物. 不要忘记宠物的需要.
    • 把重要文件放在安全的地方,或者创建有密码保护的数字副本.
    • 保护你的财产. 清理排水管和排水沟. 在管道安装止回阀以防止备份. 考虑飓风百叶窗. 查看保险单.


    • Turn on your TV or radio in order to get the latest weather updates and emergency instructions.
    • 补充应急准备包. 包括足够至少三天的食物和水, 药物, 一个手电筒, 电池, 现金, 还有急救用品.
    • 计划好停电后如何与家人沟通. 例如,你可以打电话、发短信、发邮件或使用社交媒体. 记住,在灾难中, sending text messages is usually reliable and faster than making phone calls because phone lines are often overloaded.
    • 检查你的疏散区域,疏散路线和避难所位置. 和家人一起计划. 你可能要很快离开,所以要提前计划.
    • 保持你的汽车处于良好的工作状态, and keep the gas tank full; stock your vehicle with emergency supplies and a change of clothes.
    • 如果你有NFIP洪水保险,你的保单可以覆盖到 1000美元的损失避免措施就像沙袋和水泵一样,来保护你的保险财产. You should keep copies of all receipts and a record of the time spent performing the work. They should be submitted to your insurance adjuster when you file a claim to be reimbursed.


    • Bookmark your city or county website for quick access to storm updates and emergency instructions.
    • 把松散的、轻的物体带进去,以免在强风中变成弹丸.g., patio furniture, garbage cans); anchor objects that would be unsafe to bring inside (e.g., propane tanks); and trim or remove trees close enough to fall on the building.
    • 把家里所有的窗户都盖上. 永久性防风百叶窗为窗户提供了最好的保护. 第二种选择是用5/8英寸的外部胶合板或船用胶合板加固窗户, 切到适合和准备安装.


    • 打开电视/收音机, or check your city/county website every 30 minutes in order to get the latest weather updates and emergency instructions.
    • 现在就给你的手机充电,这样你就有一个充满电的电池,以防你失去电力.


    • 如果你不在建议疏散的区域, 计划呆在家里或你所在的地方,让朋友和家人知道你在哪里.
    • 关闭防风百叶窗,远离窗户. 从破碎的窗户飞出的玻璃可能会伤到你.
    • 把冰箱或冰柜调到最冷的温度,必要时才打开. 如果断电,食物就能保存更久. Keep a thermometer in the refrigerator to be able to check the food temperature when the power is restored.
    • 打开电视/收音机, or check your city/county website every 30 minutes in order to get the latest weather updates and emergency instructions.


    • 如果被告知撤离,立即撤离. 不要开车绕过路障.
    • 如果在大风中避风, 去联邦应急管理局的安全室, ICC 500风暴掩体, 或者一个小的, interior, 最低层没有窗户的房间或走廊,不会被水淹.
    • 如果被洪水困在建筑物里,要爬到建筑物的最高层. 不要爬进封闭的阁楼. 你可能会被上涨的洪水困住.
    • 听取当前的紧急情况信息和指示.
    • Use a generator or other gasoline-powered machinery outdoors ONLY and away from windows.
    • 不要在洪水中步行、游泳或开车. 转身. 不被淹死! 仅仅六英寸高的水流就能把你击倒, 一英尺的水流就能把你的车冲走.
    • 远离水流湍急的桥梁.


    • 听取有关部门的信息和特别指示.
    • 清洁时要小心. 穿防护服,和别人一起工作.
    • 如果电气设备是湿的或如果你站在水里,不要触摸它. 如果这样做是安全的, 关闭主断路器或保险丝盒电源,以防触电.
    • 避免在洪水中涉水,洪水中可能含有危险的碎片. 地下或倒下的电线也可以给水充电.
    • 把打电话留给紧急情况. 灾难发生后,电话系统通常处于瘫痪或繁忙状态. 使用短信或社交媒体与家人和朋友交流.
    • 用照片记录任何财产损坏. 联系你的保险公司寻求帮助.


    • One or more of the following methods may be used to alert the campus community of a hurricane warning. 任何特定方法的使用将取决于所提出的情况.
    • 紧急消息传递: 皇冠体育投注有应该使用的生命安全警报系统.  “生命安全”应用程序可以通过手机下载.  电子邮件将自动发送到您的皇冠体育投注电子邮件.  
    • 口碑: 如果情况安全的话, Public Safety or other staff may provide word of mouth notification to individual present on campus that a hurricane is approaching.
    • IP告密者: IP通知器集中位于校园的不同地方.  当飓风警报被激活时,IP告密者将提醒居住者.
    • 安全手机: 保安人员配备了皇冠体育投注安全电话.



紧急情况 for the Extended Learning Sites: Listed below are phone numbers to call in case of emergency for each site.

  •   雪松虚张声势

    (421 Park 40 North Blvd ..,诺克斯维尔,TN 37923) -


  •   查塔努加TN

    查塔努加州立社区学院(4501 Amnicola高速公路), 查塔努加, TN 37406) - CSCC校园警察- 423-697-4400或拨打911

  •   卡宾,肯塔基州

    (三县广场购物中心,14892 N. 美国25E高速公路210室,肯塔基州科尔宾40701) 


  •   德布斯克兽医教学中心

    (203 DeBusk Farm Drive, Ewing, VA 24248) -

    拨打423-869-6090 / 865-585-2048或拨打911

  •   邓肯法学院

    (西山顶大道601号,诺克斯维尔,TN 37920) -


  •   金斯波特,TN

    (300 W. 市场街,Kingsport, TN 37660) -拨打911

  •   Lmu - dcom & 诺克斯维尔医学院

    (9737 Cogdill Road,诺克斯维尔,TN 37932) -


  •   Lmu塔-诺克斯维尔

    (1705 St. 玛丽街,诺克斯维尔,TN 37917)


  •   佛罗里达州坦帕的

    佛罗里达医院坦帕健康公园(3102 E. 邮编:佛罗里达州坦帕市138大道33613)-



万一受害者需要医疗救助 哈罗盖特的校园,请致电校园警察和保安 423.869.6911. 在任何 扩展站点,叫 911. 否则,任何干预都是受害者驱动的. 在校园和社区都有多种选择.

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